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Approved DC continuing education course and CA courses are now available on our site! Every DC and CA should create an individual account...for CA courses see details under our 'Chiropractic Assistants' tab and then register for courses under the 'Course Catalog'.   For current participants, please click  'login' at the top right of the page to enter your ID and Password to enroll in courses and to access your enrolled courses. New users please follow the instructions below to get started.

MEMBERS: Don't forget to use your member online code to receive 10% off of every registration for CE courses for DC's and our 4-hour CA course! Need your code? Please contact the IACP office by emailing info@idchiro.org  or calling 208-424-8344 so that we can confirm membership and provide the code to you.

NOT A MEMBER YET? All Idaho DC's and their CA's are welcome to register for coursework on this site. To enjoy all of our extra benefits, like online CE discounts, consider becoming a member! Please contact the IACP office TODAY by emailing info@idchiro.org  or calling 208-424-8344. We look forward to serving you!


This is the homepage for IACPonline and where you will find our online course offerings! By choosing your online learning from this site you will have access to high quality, affordable education that also supports IACP by allowing us to retain a profit-share to build our treasury and maintain our service intiatives for our members and the chiropractic profession.

The Idaho Board has approved all listed courses and currently accepts up to 6 hours of online learning per renewal. (Eg. if you take more than 6, the extra will not count toward CE. Also, learners who take the acupuncture courses must have an acupuncture license.)

1. Go Login now. The login link is in the upper right corner. If you are new to this site, you will first need to create an account. You only need to do this one time, and then you will have access to register for courses. (If you and your CA are both taking courses, then you will each have to have your own account...we use the enrollment information to generate your attendance certificates so it must be personalized).

2. Enroll in courses. The Course Catalog tab on the left provides a list of our available courses. Choose one, or more than one, and click 'enroll'. You may then work through the programming at your own pace and a verification of attendance will be automatically emailed to you once you are complete.

Are there other topics that interest you? Click this link to let our developers know what topics interest you most! IACPonline Topic Request. We will strive to supply our members with the most requested topics. Coming soon....the popular "Functional Medicine Series"... featuring courses on Functional Medicine basics, GI dysfunction, Adrenal Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome and more!

Thank you for choosing IACPonline for your chiropractic continuing education!