Chiropractic Assistants


For chiropractic assistant training we proudly partner with for coursework! We offer a 4-hour option and a full 24-hour national training program in our course catalog.

4-hour Course Option

We offer a 4-hour anatomy/condition based course on this site as a short option for CA's to engage in learning.  Your IACP member discount code can be used for the course. Look for the CA course under our 'Course Catalog' tab! All CA's should create individual accounts on this site by clicking the 'New User' tab at the top right of the page (do NOT use your DC's account...we need individual names etc. to create customized certificates and for record-keeping).

MEMBERS: Don't forget to use your member online code to recieve 10% off of every registration for CE courses for DC's and the 4-hour CA course! Need your code? Please contact the IACP office by emailing  or calling 208-424-8344 so that we can confirm membership and provide the code to you.

NOT A MEMBER YET? All Idaho DC's and their CA's are welcome to register for coursework on this site. To become a member and enjoy all of our extra benefits like online CE discounts, please contact the IACP office TODAY by emailing  or calling 208-424-8344. We look forward to serving you!

24-hour Training Option
IACPonline also offers a full training program here on the website. This is a 24-hour online course that meets or exceeds all national guidelines set forth by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) and prepares learners to competently handle patient passive modality encounters as well as successfully sit for the national CCCA examination. CCCA training/credentialling is now required by many states, however it is not yet formally required here in Idaho. We do, however, believe that it could be required in Idaho in the near future. Get a jump start on your training now! We recommend it for credentialling, to train new CA's, and as a great refresher course for seasoned CA's who plan to sit the CCCA exam and earn the national credenial in the future.

You can find the full 24-hour CCCA course under our 'Course Catalog' Tab on the left side of the page under the 'Multicourse Modules' area. DON'T FORGET to you use the following special IACP Discount Code to shave $20 off the program price if you choose the 24-hour program. This code also gives $20 back to IACP. Our IACP code for  the 24-hour course is: ID-IACP-CCCA (all caps) and is available to ALL Idaho registrants as part of IACP's service to Idaho chiropractors...we hope that your office will see the added value we bring to practitioners and consider membership. This is a seperate discount code to be used only on the full CCCA program.
(The 10% member code is not applicable on this national program due to national association agreements contracted through

Thank you!

*In the potential future if Idaho mandates FCLB's national CCCA Certification you will need to have proof of training (the 24 hour course) and you must also apply for the credential via FCLB and take/pass the national examination which is a seperate fee. If you would like to see more information about FCLB's national credentialing process please visit their website at